Personalization roller shutters

Choosing roller shutters, is choosing for safety and comfort. 
However, there are a lot of things to consider: which type of montage, type of slats, colours, operation…

Type of slats

You can devide our profiles into two types: aluminium and PVC slats
Generally people choose aluminium slats since they are stronger and of a higher quality than its equivalent in PVC. For smaller dimensions (and better priced) the PVC-profiles are also very suitable. 

We also differentiate between open and closed slats. Open slats have small openings to let the light pierce through. A roller shutter curtain is equipped as standard with 50% open slats at the bottom and 50% closed slats on top. That way it’s possible to make it entirely dark or tolet some light penetrate in (half)closed position. 

Standard colours

For box – curtain (slats) – guide sections – bottom bar:
We have 20 standard colours and foils.

Furthermore they are available in all RAL-colours. 
BUILDING Shutter Systems is known to be the sole Belgian roller shutter manufacturer to powder coat the curtains in all RAL-colours. Thus the entire roller shutter can be finished in one colour that matches the style of the house. 

Options in operation

Nowadays an electrical control with a simple switch on the wall or a multi-channel remote is most common. It’s easy to use, smart and comfortable.
Moreover, to maximize the comfort it’s also possible to operate the roller shutters automatically with a smartphone, tablet or PC. An application controls the roller shutters, even from a distance, where settings in the systems can be adjusted according to personal preferences. 

The roller shutters can be managed through a central domotica-system as well. 
Besides the classical electrical control, there is now the option to motorize the Minirol® surface mounted roller shutters with solar-power. These solar-motors are environmentally friendly and you avoid drilling holes in the wall. The perfect solution for a small renovation.  

Safety springs for the Minirol® surface mounted roller shutter

A Minirol® roller shutter can be provided of extra safety springs. They ensure an anti-burglary effect since it’s impossible to push the curtain upwards. Hence no unwanted guests.

Box closing bottom slat with the Minirol® surface mounted roller shutter

The patented box closing bottom slat is entirely integrated in the box. Thus the box is closed off well and the view is not disrupted by the bottom slat. An elegant touch.