In recent years, production has concentrated mainly on aluminium profiles, and the processing of plastic has been in steady decline. For CEO Thibaut Suys it speaks for itself: "With the general declining trend of the share of PVC in the market, the term 'Plastics' in the company name no longer represents our main activity. It has therefore been on our minds for some time to adapt the name and brand identity. Our own people and customers proved to be a great source of information to make a well-considered decision. We certainly didn't take any chances. 

"Breaking with 'Plastics' was obvious, but we wanted to keep 'Building'.With the new name BUILDING Shutter Systems, the link to the company's history and values is maintained, while Shutter Systems provides a proper place for all our products.

A new identity

In 2019 Building Plastics presents itself with the new name BUILDING Shutter Systems