Goodbye winter blues, hello sunshine!

We need natural light to simply function, work, play and live. Sufficient daylight has a positive effect on your general well-being

The majority of our time we spend indoors, so it's hardly trivial to create enough natural light there. Research learns that we feel comfortable in our skin because of the sunlight, we are better focussed and we function better.
In the contemporary construction styles it is all about an open structure with large window surfaces to take full advantage of the sun rays. With skylights, for example, but in particular combined with good sun protection by means of screens or roller shutters. It allows you to benefit from the energy of the sun and control the heat to maintain a comfortable indoor climate. 

The 'winter blues' is not an old wives' tale. People tend to feel a little depressed when the fall is coming. Your energy-level drops, you don't feel like taking action... Now spring has settled in, run outside to recharge the batteries of your mind and body. And most importantly, make sure you get to enjoy the sunshine in your home. 
Follow the rythme of day and night, and control the sun with screens or roller shutters.